For Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" ensuring protection of the Users’ rights and interests is one of the highest priorities, taking into account the specifics of transactions with cash and cryptocurrency, as well as using the services of the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE».

Within the framework of this Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" PRIVACY POLICY, the personal data means information that allows to identify the User, namely: name, surname, e-mail address.

The Personal data does not include anonymous data that does not identify a specific User.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" can collect the following information of the User:

  • name, surname, e-mail address;
  • registration data (username/name/e-mail address and password);
  • information on electronic payment means (payment card);
  • it is also possible to automatically collect information about the computer, device and browsers when accessing the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE». This information may include: information about the computer or mobile device, including the IP address, operating system, browser type. This information does not personally identify the User and is not confidential.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" also processes information about transactions conducted by the User.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" undertakes not to sell, exchange and transfer the User’s personal data to third parties without personal consent of the User.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" notifies that it can provide, disclose, transfer personal data of the User at the request of law enforcement authorities or other state authorities, if: request for such information was sent within the framework of court proceeding.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" warns that the transfer of any information, including personal data, via the Internet or other public networks may not be sufficiently secure, such information may be subject to loss, interception, change during the transfer.

By performing activities on the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE» the User agrees with the USER AGREEMENT, as well as with the PRIVACY POLICY of Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade", which forms an integral part of the USER AGREEMENT.

The User agrees for the information disclosure in accordance with the terms of the USER'S AGREEMENT, as well as the PRIVACY POLICY of Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade".

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" uses security measures to ensure confidentiality of the User's information, as well as to protect the User's information from loss, theft, unauthorized access, misuse, alteration or destruction.

At the same time Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" draws attention to the fact that none of the existing methods of data transmission can be absolutely safe. In this regard, Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade", in spite of the security measures taken, can not guarantee the full safety of the Users' information, including personal data of the Users in the process of data transferring from Users to Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade".

Thus, Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" can not be held liable for the transfer, loss, modification of the User's data at the time of their transfer to Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade", however, undertakes to take measures to ensure the safest transmission of the above information.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" is not liable for unauthorized use of the data provided by the User during registration on the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE».

In this regard, Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" can not be held liable for any breach of security or violation of protection of the personal data specified by the User during registration, access to the Personal Cabinet, for other acts committed by third parties.

The User undertakes to ensure safety of the data specified by him when registering on the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE» for the reliable use of the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE».

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" retains personal information as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes described in this PRIVACY POLICY, taking into account our own legal and regulatory obligations.

Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" retains information about the User for at least 5 years after the closure, termination of the Personal Cabinet use. At the end of this period, information about the User's personal data is subject to destruction or may be depersonalized in order to achieve anonymity of such information by hiding personal information.

The terms of this PRIVACY POLICY may be unilaterally changed by Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade" without prior notice to the User. The new edition of the PRIVACY POLICY comes into force and is subject to compliance from the moment of the PRIVACY POLICY publication at the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE».

Use of the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE», in particular, conduct of transactions, use of the Services provided by the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE» means the User's agreement with the current cersion of the USER AGREEMENT, including the PRIVACY POLICY.

If the User does not agree with the new version of the PRIVACY POLICY, in this case the User ceases to use the Platform «IEX COIN TRADE».

If you have any questions related to this PRIVACY POLICY of Limited Liability Company "Cryptotrade", please contact the Support Service. We will get back to you as soon as possible.